Pink Valentine's Day Facebook timeline

One of the newer products Browning Photo is offering is a Facebook timeline. All the major holidays are in the works, so hang tight! I can't wait to show you all the neat designs when those are ready. Some samples will use photos from previous shoots and some samples are woefully in need of the perfect picture that just hasn't been taken yet!

This is one of the latest Facebook timelines I put together. Justine was a fabulous client that I featured in a previous blog post (click to open a new window and see her lovely self).

I love the pink stripes of this - I have always thought that stripes are so classy and timeless, and the pink is a little softer and sweeter than red for this holiday. Justine wore the cutest pink puffer vest at our session, and I thought her photos would look great in a Valentine's Day banner for her mama's timeline on Facebook. Plus the pink chevron washi tape across the tops of the pictures gives the whole thing a modern twist, since washi tape is all the rage lately. I could spend hours looking at all the washi tape at Michael's crafts. I didn't know it had a name until recently, so there you have it!

Now if you know this family, their last name isn't really Smith, but I put that on this mock-up just to share on the internet. It also has the Browning Photo watermark in white in the bottom right corner. Squint and you can see it! The timeline I delivered has their real last name and no watermark so their friends won't be confused about who the Smiths are. To protect identities I either use only first names or sometimes first name and last initial on the website. Or I give them a new last name entirely!

Want this XOXO Valentine's Day timeline on your Facebook? Contact Browning Photo now! Just a warning, your friends may pester you to find out who your photographer is!!