Senior dogs at home

Maggie and Lulu are 9- and 10-year-old senior pups whose mom told me about her sweet chocolate lab and her Jack Russell-mix. We talked a few minutes and she booked a session on the spot. I couldn't wait to meet her two dogs. On to the photos!

dog photography columbus ohio

Christmas lights are a big challenge because it's difficult to keep the bulbs illuminated and glowing but still bring light onto the subject in front of the tree. Plus it's hard to keep pups interested when there's so much other stuff going on!


Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you - those are paw prints coming off the Christmas tree. It's not the lights, but a little technique that I love doing to make Christmas lights a little more dog-specific for pet portraits.


I had to do the same technique for Maggie's pawtrait - forgive the pun!


Maggie is a doll. She's simply the sweetest most gentle little thing. She's only 45 pounds, which is so small for a full grown Labrador retriever. Chocolate labs just happen to be my husband's favorite breed (okay, along with yellow labs and doodles and German shepherds).


I can't stop looking at her sweet, beautiful face. Maggie (as well as Lulu, actually) was a shelter dog and has obviously found the best home ever. Her family simply adores her.

Lulu is well-loved too but she's more of the joker of the pair. She kept us laughing with her fun little personality. At one point when we were taking Maggie's portrait Lulu went under the tree and just stared at us, completely photobombing Maggie's official holiday portrait.


This was a special watercolor I created. I photographed Maggie and Lulu at different times and later created this art for the wall. Love how it turned out!

Clearly these are pampered pooches and I love spending a few hours getting to know them. This was a great indoor photo shoot and it let the dogs stay in the comfort of their own home surrounded by the familiar things they love most.

Have you tried photographing your dog by the Christmas tree? It's not as easy at it looks! I'd love to create holiday portraits of your best friend. Contact me now!

Molly the Yorkie puppy

When I was growing up I wanted a Yorkshire terrier. Badly. I loved their tiny rascally bodies and long silky hair and cute faces. Plus they were pretty close to the Cairn terrier from The Wizard of Oz so that was all my eight-year-old self wanted in life!

columbus dog photography

As an adult I have a poodle but darned if I wasn't so excited to meet this new Yorkshire terrier puppy. Molly is seven months old and is does not have the traditional Yorkie markings. She has white, brown, gray, and black in her body and face. In fact, her body is snow white except her tail, which is completely black. It's very unusual. In fact, her owner said the breeder has asked for Molly back because her markings are so rare and in demand. No way! She's at home now and doted upon. No returning this gal.

Molly joined 10-year-old senior dog Holly, who is also a Yorkie. Holly and Molly! Holly, despite her senior status, was on the MOVE. It was pretty nice weather outside and I was pretty quickly drenched after chasing Holly all over the yard. For an elderly dog and only three pounds with tiny legs she was FAST.

Molly, the puppy, weighs in at a whopping TWO pounds. She was pretty cooperative and stayed in one spot for me when I needed her to. I always have treats with me and I was breaking off my usual small bites to make them go further. After three treats she was finished. I realized that I'm not used to a teeny-tiny Yorkie belly! I tried little bitty broken pieces of treats and she just smelled them and turned away. Must be nice to have that self control around delicious food!


Here is Molly looking up at me. She is so fluffy! She is going to be spayed next week - good luck, Molly! Get well soon.

Dog magazine cover

For a while I've had this idea in the back of my head but had to wait until I'd found the perfect dog and perfect confident pose. It wasn't as easy as I'd thought! Dogs are usually on all fours and (human) models are standing up during their magazine shoots. It's tougher to fill an entire magazine cover with a dog on all fours because they're frankly not as elongated as a Glamazon supermodel!

dog magazine cover

This pup had a great attitude, and was probably easier to work with than a real cover girl human. She gave this big smile and I caught it at just the right angle to fit the shot I envisioned.

The best part of these fun shots like magazine covers or movie posters is coming up with puns or witty fake articles or reviews. I flexed my creative muscle on this - I think my favorite "article" is "Intruder or Mailman? How to spot danger!"

I had this cover in mind mostly due to the title of the magazine - Cosmopawlitan. I have some fun ideas I'm reserving for future clients' magazine covers.

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Project 52: Week 43 Unusual

I am excited for this week's Halloween-y theme: Unusual, simply because I want to see what everyone else came up with! Colby got groomed this weekend and it's not the norm. Usually I do it myself but our schedule has been hectic since fall is our busiest season, so I made her an appointment with a groomer nearby.

dog photography columbus ohio

Usually Colby is extremely uncooperative when I groom her about once a month. She hates being in water. She hates me toweling her off. She hates the blow dryer. She hates nail trims and haircuts and having her armpits shaved and having the pads of her feet trimmed. I hope she was a little more cooperative for the groomer than for me.


Colby got a little Halloween bow for her collar. Cute! Usually she's a naked dog around the house and our fenced-in backyard but I left her collar on a little longer so we could enjoy her bow.


This is the face of a dog who knows she can get away with just about anything.


What's unusual about this week's photos is that she was sleeping! I can never get a photo of her asleep because she always opens her eyes when I come near her.

She was nodding off with her head still up watching what I was doing with the camera. Her eyelids started getting heavy and her chin started lowering down and then she'd gently startle awake again.

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Project 52: Week 42 Brick

This week's challenge is Brick, and Harley is the perfect dog to show off a rustic looking front porch.

dog photography columbus ohio

When we were at this park, her owner asked me, clearly worried, "Is this somebody's house?" It is a park office but sure does look like a regular home!

Project 52 week 42 Brick-1
Project 52 week 42 Brick-2

I'll blog more of the lovely portraits of this gorgeous redhead soon. Harley is too good not to show off to the world. Her mom loves the portraits and gave me a big hug after she opened her wall art and prints. Stay tuned!

Next in our blog circle is Linda of DogShotz serving Indianapolis and the surounding areas.

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Winnie the Old English Sheepdog

Back in the day, on Saturday nights The Wonderful World of Disney would play a movie introduced by Michael Eisner and featuring that iconic Disney opening. The TV movie that I recorded on our VCR and watched over and over was The Shaggy Dog. I can't recall much of it now, but I do remember that the family's father turned into an Old English Sheepdog. I would imagine it was like Freaky Friday, the canine version, but I just don't remember anything besides that gorgeous Old English Sheepdog.

So of course I was psyched to photograph this sheepdog puppy! This is Winnie, who is a year old. She is excited about EVERYTHING in life, especially people. She's deceptively big, too. She's 60 pounds but looks much larger. It's all that awesome sheepdog hair. Her family swears she is tiny under her big fur coat. Winnie supposedly has chicken legs and looks completely different when she's wet. I'd love to see that! My own dog looks like a rat when she's getting bathed, so I believe it.

Winnie the old english sheepdog

Winnie had been suffering from an upset stomach so she didn't get any treats. We had to make do with a favorite ball and squeak toy to keep her attention. She did great! Winnie is a little camera-shy, if you can believe it from these photographs.

columbus dog photography

Every dog has a 'spot' - that special place that you rub and it makes them stop and savor the moment. My dog's spot is her shoulder blades. She leans into it until she's practically falling over. Winnie cracks me up because she loves getting her bottom scratched. I was rubbing her shoulders and her people told me she loves her back - and her backside - scratched. I was loving on her back and sure enough she turned her rear end right into me. What a funny girl!

columbus dog photography-2

Here's Winnie getting a reassuring hug from mom. I normally don't do black and white photographs of dogs, but this candid sweet moment when we were taking a break lends itself to a documentary feel.

columbus dog photography-3

And here's this silly puppy at sunset. Winnie, my eight-year-old self thanks you for being everything I hoped an Old English sheepdog would be. You are funny and floppy and just as adorable as any dog I've ever seen. I love that you broke free from a pose to run over and give me big wet doggy kisses.

Have a funny puppy who needs beautiful portraits? Contact me right now! Don't be shy - I'd love to hear about your dog!

Autumn family photos at Inniswood

I've been to Inniswood previously to photograph clients - you can see a previous session HERE and HERE - but I had not been during the fall. Usually I hang around Highbanks, but that park got very bare very fast. The leaves stayed yellowy orange for quite some time due to the warmer temperatures but when the first weekend of November came around, they had had enough. So Highbanks was out, Inniswood was, well, in.

columbus dog photography

Talk about Grand Central Station! There were actually lines of families waiting to get photos in the most beautiful spots. The foliage was still lovely and the leaves were still mostly on the trees and not in heaps on the ground like at Highbanks. We saw lots of high school seniors with soccer uniforms and sousaphones and various percussion instruments patiently waiting for their turn next to a certain bright orange tree.


Richard and Jessica were concerned because earlier that morning it was in the 30s. I looked outside when Jessica called me and there was frost on the ground. No way did I want 18-month-old Ari traipsing in the freezing cold. We waited until noon and it was perfect. The bright sun usually causes problems with ugly shadows on faces but I brought with favorite lighting with me. It's a bear to carry around and my arms were definitely wibbly-wobbly after our session, but it was so worth it for these beautiful family portraits.


Look at that sweet, slightly mischievous smile! Ari was exactly as I expected - 18-month-olds can't or won't sit still or even pause and smile for a second, in my experience, so this was an amazing shot. We captured some sweet peek-a-boos that made her laugh at herself.


I had a doggie photo shoot after this, so I happened to have my usual dog squeaky toys with me. I had a new one that I hadn't tried out yet. Mr. Chicken made his debut and Ari thought he was pretty neat. He squeaked and sat on my lens and tried to climb all over my head. Oh the things we do for a laugh!

Look at Daddy's Girl! Clearly they are two peas in a pod. Richard made Ari laugh and then she'd laugh and start making him laugh in return for real. It was adorable to see them interact. Of course when nap time started approaching and Ari got super tired, she needed a quiet moment with Mommy.


Richard and Jessica were wonderful to work with and I'm delighted that they love their photos! We wound up with a ton of lovely portraits and I'm glad I wasn't the one who had to choose which to keep.

deitering 1200w.jpg

I love this family portrait!! This is one to treasure, I am sure.

Are you interested in booking me for custom family portraits at Inniswood? I know lots of great spots that make for fantastic photographs you will love. Contact me now. I would love to hear from you!

Highbanks foliage

One of my favorite parks is Highbanks in Lewis Center. It's a huge park that's part of the Metro Park system and the trees in autumn look amazing.

columbus dog photography

This couple and I met at Highbanks in the middle of the afternoon. Not ideal for photos, usually, but I knew that due to the foliage and the way the trees are set up in my favorite spots that the canopy of the trees provides a gorgeous backdrop and sunlight diffusion.


My favorite park is always a surprise - this was a spot off the trail that I didn't know existed. This couple clearly knows the parks around town because they knew great photo locations. And they knew all about trees and the ecosystem. I learned so much from our short time together walking through the woods!


One last sweet shot. Adorable!

I'm so glad they chose me to photograph them for their fall photos. Want lovely foliage pictures from Highbanks? Contact me now!