Highbanks foliage

One of my favorite parks is Highbanks in Lewis Center. It's a huge park that's part of the Metro Park system and the trees in autumn look amazing.

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This couple and I met at Highbanks in the middle of the afternoon. Not ideal for photos, usually, but I knew that due to the foliage and the way the trees are set up in my favorite spots that the canopy of the trees provides a gorgeous backdrop and sunlight diffusion.


My favorite park is always a surprise - this was a spot off the trail that I didn't know existed. This couple clearly knows the parks around town because they knew great photo locations. And they knew all about trees and the ecosystem. I learned so much from our short time together walking through the woods!


One last sweet shot. Adorable!

I'm so glad they chose me to photograph them for their fall photos. Want lovely foliage pictures from Highbanks? Contact me now!

Dogs at sunset

Meet Samantha and Snoopy. Both lab-pit mixes, these two are the ultimate complementary siblings. Samantha is more independent and Snoopy is more of a love-bug couch-potato snuggler.

columbus dog photography

We met up on a gorgeous fall evening for family photos. I couldn't help but take some dramatic photos of just the two of these dogs. Just look at them in front of this Ohio barn. I love the angle and how the bicentennial logo stretches across the barn.


Boy these dogs are muscular. Not an ounce of fat on them, I don't think. Can you tell what's on my mind as my own dog tipped the scales at the vet last week? Colby needs more walks, fewer treats.


One last photo in the field of purple flowers. I have an arsenal of squeaky toys and such to get that adorable head tilt at just the right second. This was the last photo we took because the light from sunset dropped of very quickly. Great job, Samantha and Snoopy!

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Franklin county rescue dog

Lev was a shelter dog who was rescued from the Franklin County Animal Shelter. He is two years old and his family wanted outdoor portraits to capture him "in the bloom of youth," as they put it.

dog photography Columbus ohio

Look at how well he did! His family was worried about him maybe running away when he was off leash so we kept the leash on and just took it out with the magic of Photoshop. Lev's human sister stood right behind me and helped grab his attention at the perfect moment. Great job, Lev! The rest of his photos are with his humans so I'm not sharing them on the internet. Just Lev, who clearly brought his A game to his portrait session. As the photos went on, he got more and more animated, and I got some priceless shots of him yawning right in the middle of his family's formal portraits, and licking his human sister's face. Those funny and sweet shots make for the most treasured portraits!

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Double Sunrise

Oh boy, it was an early start to get this shot but so worth it!

My alarm went off at 5:10 AM... and 5:12 AM... and 5:14 AM. Yes, I programmed a total of five alarms to wake me up to make sure I wasn't late to this photo shoot! I couldn't fall asleep the night before this shoot out of excitement to meet Master, a Belgian shepherd, so by the time we met for portraits in the early morning hours I was running on just three hours of sleep. Luckily photographing dogs as handsome as this boy gives me an extra boost of adrenaline.

The 52-week Pet Photography Project challenge for this week was Reflection. We caught the sun coming up over the water and I angled the camera to catch this double sunrise - one sun over the treetops, and one sun as a reflection in the water. When Wendy tipped her head to gaze at Master, it formed a little circle under her chin to create a second burst of light mirroring the rays above. This might be my favorite photograph I've ever taken.

To see more in the 52-week Pet Photography Project, check out Jodie from Pawtrait Purrfection, serving Pets and People in Ipswich, Australia. Keep clicking through the links and you'll wind up back here. Thanks for reading!

Cockapoo puppy

Tucker is a ball of energy. Oh my goodness, this dog's battery was fully charged and did not drain at all during our two hours together. He was celebrating his first birthday - what better way to commemorate the event than with a personalized photo shoot?

columbus dog photography

Look at that happy face! I see more poodle than cocker spaniel in him.


He's 100% adorable, that's for sure. Of course he dressed up for photos in his dress collar and necktie. LOVE IT!

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Dog movie poster

columbus dog photography

I was sorting through photographs that I had finished editing for Toby and Gunner's family when I paused on this photo as I thought, wow that looks like it could be a movie poster! After the thought occurred to me, of course I couldn't do anything else until it was created.

The hardest part was that I shot this in landscape, so to get a portrait-oriented movie poster I had to add sky and grass and crop both sides. Then I added text, which took forever! I had to find the perfect font and decide what to put on the poster. The final touch was the critics' reviews on the side. Notice the reviews from the the Chicago Tribone and Entertainmutt Weekly. I can't help it - I'm a sucker for canine puns!

I created this at 16x20 size so it will look fantastic on the wall like a real movie poster. Their owners love it!

(The print doesn't have a watermark on it, just the digital I'm sharing here - you know never if this could go viral or Hollywood decides to make a real movie starring these two handsome boys! Actually now that I'm reflecting on it, if I do another movie poster in the future for different clients and different dogs I might make the director Barkin' Scorsese. HA!)

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Hilliard dog photography

One of my favorite expressions is, "It's a good problem to have." After a session like this, I need to repeat that like a mantra. Because these dogs were SO well-behaved and the weather was perfect and the settings were lovely, I wound up with way more beautiful photographs than I could handle. I always aim to get a lot of great photos that my clients will want to hang on their wall and admire for years to come, but the sheer number of "keepers" was almost overwhelming. It was a tough choice for this family because their dogs are clearly the most handsome boys ever.

dog photography columbus ohio

These handsome boys are Toby and Gunner. They act as greeters at the family vet office so they are used to lots of people and distractions and other dogs. The weather for our shoot was unreal, too. It was 76 and sunny on the last weekend of October. The two boys were so cooperative and calm as they waited for treats between shots.


I had the pups and their humans get into position and Toby decided to show his personality. He flopped over and decided he was done, done, done. I like how he's still giving me a sneaky glance so technically he's a reluctant participant. By this point I'd asked a lot of the boys and he was clearly finished with me!


Who's a good boy? Toby perked right up when his favorite human wanted to snuggle. Toby, AKA Tobias, and his brother Gunner have middle names. Toby's full name is Tobias Andrew. I love that! And speaking of love, look at the connection between these two. Clearly Tobias Andrew is a love bug.


Guess who decided he wanted to model on the bridge? The sun fell perfectly behind him and backlit his lovely golden hair.

It was so hard to choose just a few images to share here. The family had lots to choose from and they love their portraits, which is the most important thing.


One final image from these two goofs. I love how Gunner is holding Toby back from the leaf, like "Wait, it could be a trap!" They're both so transfixed on it.

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Rescue dogs in Columbus

These three sweethearts are looking for their forever homes! They're available through Miracle Max's Animal Mission. I photographed Max when he was a puppy and now he's helping other dogs. Click here to revisit Max's session. Here are Mary, Martha, and Oreo.

dog photography columbus ohio

Mary had some personality on her! She definitely hammed it up in front of the camera.


Here's lovely Martha. She's a friendly gal but boy she was interested in everything in the park except me and my camera!


Oreo is a black and white charmer. I haven't met a dog who tilts their head so much as this one at every little noise I made. Love that look! If my own dog were open to a sibling I'd have brought Oreo home with me the same day!

These three pups are up for adoption through Miracle Max's Animal Mission. Check out more information here.