Dog at the ballet

Oh my goodness, where to begin with this photo shoot? Bentley is a two-year-old rescue dog who is a lot mastiff, a little pitbull, and 100% lovebug. His mom contacted me because they've been together one year and she wanted a photo shoot to celebrate how much they've been through. Bentley had a rough start to life and has found himself a happy home with a loving mom.

From the moment we met, Bentley was all about giving me excited kisses. I love that! Licking doesn't bother me one bit. Bentley's mom had to pull him down a few times because he's agentle giant who was too happy to jump right up and say hi!

dog photography columbus ohio

There's nothing better than when a client comes to me with a vision for their dog's photo shoot and asks if I can execute it. Here, the idea was a black and white themed type of shoot, with the two of them getting ready to go to a black tie gala. I predicted that Bentley would look debonair just being himself, and his mom looked AMAZING in that little black dress and dressy high heels with the ribbon criss-crossing the ankles. More on those shoes in a second....

bentley and the blonde

Taking a minute to snuggle and comfort Bentley as he got a little stressed. He did so well! He just needed a second to regroup.


A sweet embrace!


Speaking of criss-crossed ribbons on shoes... A fast change and we're into ballerina mode! Bentley was so patient as we got this shot set up. In our consultation, his mom mentioned she loves Degas and ballet dancers and does ballet herself. I LOVED her idea of putting some ballet shoes into the shot. Even better that she wanted a shot where she's en pointe!


Beautiful boy was so cooperative that he let us drape the ballet shoes around his neck...but just for one shot! Luckily it worked. A split second later he was out of there to take a break.


One final shot for Mr. Bentley. We switched out backdrops and I knew he's look wonderful against the dark gray. We wound up with SO many shots that it was hard to choose my absolute favorites for this blog post.

All of these shots were taken in Bentley's own house! I came to his place with a lot of equipment and lights and a wagon full of stuff, and we achieved his mom's vision for a ballet / black tie gala kind of look in his own home. Bentley is a special boy and I'm so glad they picked Browning Photo to celebrate their first adoptiversary. May there be many happy years ahead to the two of them!

Want to create a beautiful look within the comfort of your own home? Contact me now - I'd love to hear your ideas for an awesome photo shoot!

Doberman Pinscher Club of Columbus, Ohio

I wanted to say thank you to the Doberman Pinscher Club of Columbus for inviting me to speak at their monthly meeting in August. My presentation was about pet photography and how to take better pictures of their dogs. We had a great turnout and it was fantastic to get such kind feedback about my presentation. Special thanks to president Charlotte Pritt - she chose Browning Photo for portraits of her two Dobes, Mina and Vinnie, earlier this summer and then invited me to talk to the club! I'd never thought about doing something like this, so it was neat to do something different but still related to pet photography.

For anyone in Columbus-area dog groups, I now have a presentation on how to take better portraits of dogs and would be happy to speak to your group. It was fun and everyone said they learned a lot! I'm always happy to hang out with dog people - they're my favorite breed!

PPA in Washington, DC

dc lb.jpg

When I attended ImagingUSA in Nashville, Tennessee, this past January, put on annually by Professional Photographers of America, CEO David Trust announced that PPA would be selecting a handful of photographers to join the team in Washington, DC, this spring to meet with members of the House and Senate before H.R.3945, known as the C.A.S.E. act, was voted upon. This is a copyright bill that helps photographers prevent having their images stolen by large corporations, something I think everyone can get behind. After ImagingUSA, the PPA team notified me that I was chosen to go to DC!

While the spring trip didn't pan out - thanks to an unexpected snowstorm that shut down Congress - we got to go in July and lobby Congress. This was a fantastic opportunity and a responsibility that I did not take lightly. I put a lot of time and education into developing my skillsets and of course I don't want companies to steal my hard work.

We met with members of the House and Senate from Maryland, Ohio, and California. It was very exciting to see Congress in action. It is fast-paced and awe-inspiring to walk through those hallowed chambers. Here are a few photos - please excuse the cell phone shots. I didn't take my big camera and tripod since we didn't have a whole lot of time for sightseeing. Next time!


Black lab at sunset

When I photograph nothing but black labs for several weeks in a row, is that a sign of something? Does it mean a black lab is in my future? Does it mean there was a full moon, or is that just for black cats? Onyx, whose nickname very fittingly is King Onyx, is a 116-pound black lab. His mother was a purebred lab with papers but his father was a lab mix, so Onyx must have some giant dog as an ancestor! He's sweet as can be.

columbus ohio dog photography

Onyx's mom contacted me to set up a birthday photo shoot. She wanted to celebrate his 9th birthday shoot on the actual day of his birth, so I felt honored to spend his birthday with him!


Onyx isn't spoiled AT ALL. Every year on his birthday, and this day was no exception, he eats a big country breakfast, he visits the pet store to pick out whatever toy he wants, they go to Dairy Queen for ice cream together, and then that evening he was getting his usual birthday dinner - Texas Roadhouse steak! That sounds like a delicious day for a hearty eater!


We wound up with SO many great portraits so I have to pick just a few. This final shot of them at sunset stands out to me because we caught the pink sky setting on the lake and it shows the loving relationship between them.

Want to celebrate your dog's birthday with a photo shoot like this? Contact me now!


This week in the 52 Week Pet Photography Challenge we're all featuring local landmarks. Meet Vinnie and Mina, two Doberman Pinschers. Vinnie is 12 and Mina is 6 years old.

bicentennial barn

Their mom loves Americana and red, white, and blue. When we met for her portrait consultation she was going through my portfolio and mentioned she likes the Ohio Bicentennial barn. I frequently include this in my photo shoots because it's like a local landmark. There are three of these special barns in central Ohio but two are on private land - in fact one is just a couple miles from my house but it has a four-lane highway running right in front of it! That wouldn't be safe for dogs. This Bicentennial barn is perfect. Maybe someday I'll travel the state and visit all of them. They were painted in 2003 to celebrate Ohio's 200th birthday. I hope they never get painted over!

You can see more landmarks from around the globe by clicking through our blog circle. Up next is Tracy Allard of Penny Whistle Photography fetching portraits in Coppell and surrounding communities in Dallas - Fort Worth. Keep clicking through all the blogs and you'll wind up back here. And stay tuned for more of Vinnie and Mina's photo shoot!

Deputy Mattis and Radar

As I wrote about previously, Deputy Mattis from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office has an older brother, Radar. They have matching collars that say their respective names on them and Deputy Metz wanted a portrait showcasing both of their collars. They were good boys and stayed put while Deputy Metz bribed them with stinky delicious treats then stepped aside for a second while I snapped this photo.

dog photography columbus ohio

This backlit shot really shows how bright and happy this evening was. They did such a good job - we were asking a lot of them!


Radar and Mattis deserved a good break after sitting so long. Radar was super thirsty for his water but Mattis was having none of it - too busy sniffing!


This portrait of the two boys captures their natural expressions. Mattis usually does have his mouth closed and Radar seemed to keep a smile on his face. Good boys!


Another mouth closed from Mattis and happy smile from Radar. I didn't realize Radar is three years old. Deputy Metz had mentioned she had an older dog and I assumed Radar was a senior citizen. Nope, he's barely an adult dog. They're both wonderful!

Deputy Mattis, Franklin County therapy dog

Last summer I photographed the new Franklin County Sheriff's Office therapy dog, Mattis K. Nine. He's now Deputy Mattis, having had his swearing in ceremony a couple month ago (it was adorable - he can put up one paw to swear he'll tell the truth and nothing but the truth). He also earned his official badge! It's fantastic that our community has this dog to help victims and witnesses to terrible tragedies. Deputy Mattis has made over 250 appearances in multiple states over his first year in office, giving comfort to innocent people on the very darkest day of their lives. Deputy Mattis truly is the best of the best dogs.

dog photography columbus ohio

Deputy Mattis and his handler, Deputy Metz, met me in Westerville. This was their first time at this park and Mattis clearly enjoyed himself. Look at the sun - it was 72 degrees and bright and beautiful. A perfect day for portraits!


Mattis needed a headshot because he's a local celebrity. So many people mention Mattis to me, even a year after I first photographed him as a puppy!


Mattis was having such a nice time and was so curious about where we were that he didn't want the delicious, refreshing bowl of water I set out. Too busy sniffing bushes and keeping us protected from squirrels.


He still has those puppy dog eyes! I knew I wanted an overhead shot of him to capture those soulful eyes and get a good look of his therapy dog vest.

Stay tuned for more Deputy Mattis K. Nine photos! Did you know that Mattis has a brother? He sure does, and Radar accompanied him on his photo shoot this time. I got some great shots of Mattis with Radar - check back tomorrow for more Mattis portraits!